“Singer-songwriter Sarah Dashew releases her new album Roll Like a Wheel on 22 January, and it is an exploration of tejano, gospel, blue-eyed soul, and Laurel Canyon folk rock all in one. You can hear all those elements on the gentle and gorgeous title track.”

“Singer-songwriter Sarah Dashew‘s earthy catalog stretches a musical highway of folk, soul, Americana and rock, elevated with a confident, cutting vocal.”

“Dashew has created a delightfully jovial undertaking which really couldn’t rest any easier on the ears. Its cheery tune and amiable attitude are forged by vibrant vocals and buoyant instrumentation, all of which results in an anthem that bears an abundance of accessibility.”

“[Fathers & Daughters is] a gentle singer-songwriter Americana song that brings to light acoustic guitar, piano, and snare drums/cymbals. The melody drifts breezily over the musical bed while Sarah sings with honesty and poetic beauty, making it a wonderfully relaxing and thought-provoking track to listen to.”
-For the Country Record

“She puts delighted emotions in her vocals with some Gospel flavors.”
-Sounds So Beautiful

“What she has done is solidify that confidence and quality and incorporated new themes and stories into her songwriting.  The compositions are more nuanced and her voice seems stronger and more assured now.  Roll Like a Wheel proves this and stands out as one of her finest and most memorable numbers to date.”
-Music Musings And Such

“The track is anthemic, coming across as a manifesto of sorts; it’s a reminder to keep everything going, and never slow down. Dashew’s vocals are powerful and full of soul.”
-Planet Stereo Live

“The song Dance with Me was written and performed by singer/songwriter Sarah Dashew. The video, directed by Christopher G. Ciccone (Madonna’s youngest brother), is a performance video of surprising impact. The cinematography is lush and colorful.  Dashew’s performance is sweet and sensual. The message of Dance with Me is both universal and highly personal – it is about the risk of asking someone to love you. The music had another surprise. As it started, I thought, “Wow, a country song!” (Yes, I do own a Miranda Lambert t-shirt), but it didn’t stop there. It flowed seamlessly into a Mexican language verse and added some mariachi sounds. Tex-Mex is not only food, it’s music, too, and Dashew did a beautiful job.”
Leo Sopicki,

“I am always like a new puppy hearing his master drive up to the house when I get any chance to interact with this amazing, strong woman who only plays every instrument on the new recording…”
-Duggan Flanakin,, Austin, Tx

“When I heard this new singer’s voice, chills ran down my spine. I thought to myself, My God, what a great voice. Why haven’t people heard about her? That’s why I had to tell you all about new singer/songwriter, Sarah Dashew. If you like a folksy-style of singing and really good quality music, I highly recommend her.”
-Huffington Post

“Like any musician, Sarah Dashew is looking for fame and fortune. But the Los Angeles-based singer/songwriter is the kind of artist possessing the talent and dedication to actually achieve her lofty goals.”
-SELF Magazine

“With her authentic sound and straight from the heart lyrics, singer/songwriter Sarah Dashew is a rare gem among the many carbon copies found in the music industry…Dashew’s recently released sophomore album, “Where I Belong,” draws attention to her diverse musical influences, ranging from Stevie Wonder to the Beatles, blending the sounds of pop, folk, soul and country into a work of brilliance.”
-Review Fix

“Dashew is an artist of many good surprises…Everyone with an acoustic guitar seems to think they are honest, but Dashew has mastered the nonfiction writing technique of culpability..”
-Eugene Register-Guard

“Sarah Dashew is an amazing musician. She’s like Janis Joplin meets Sheryl Crow, but with better hair!”
-CWG Magazine

“Sarah has worked with top of the game producers, and I can see why. Her talent is obvious, but her writing powerful and subtle. A sound that will last for a long time.”
-Independent Music Scene

“A broad vocal range coupled with diverse arrangements and eminently relatable songs mark Dashew as a musician coming into her own…Her songs are wordy little vignettes, each one quirkier and cleverer than the last, and all with an edge that lets you know she’s writing from a place that’s intensely personal…See her before she blows up bigger than Springsteen.”
-Cascadia Weekly

“Apparently, [Chuck] Plotkin knows talent when he sees it. Dashew’s album is a rhythmic, fresh vocal journey of songs played with gusto. “
Ashland Mail Tribune

“Former Texan Sarah Dashew hooked up with only the best producers and musicians, yielding a release with a contemporary pop, yet easily digestible musicality…Sophisticated vocally and musically, Sarah’s lyrics honestly display the angst of someone young, and are blunt at times, rather than subtle. Sarah isn’t worried about pretending to know more than what she experiences or observes, and that is the first rule of writing…This is a positive and ambitious first recording for the now Los Angeles-based singer-songwriter.”
-Sing Out!

“There’s something very endearing about Dashew’s writing and her voice. It just draws you in and you want to hear what she has to say. And it’s not just because the words Brad Pitt appear on the back of the CD…This whole album is very major label looking…well, looking and sounding. The packaging is professional, the songs are well written, she has a fantastic voice and the production is first class. This is a really good, honest, emotional album. Please check it out.”
-Amy Lotsberg Collected Sounds

“Sarah Dashew returns with Jealous Girl…an enviable dozen songs produced by Chuck Plotkin. Dashew’s new digs in Los Angeles have given her music a sharper, sometimes poignant (“Empty”) but no less playful depth (“Brad Pitt”, “Hash it Out”, recently heard on My Name is Earl).”
-Margaret Moser Austin Chronicle

“Sarah Dashew is one of LA’s great emerging artists…I have a hard time pinning her style but to me it’s like someone put Linda Ronstadt, Bruce Springsteen and Janis Joplin all in a blender…She’s captivating and I just can’t wait to see her again: she’s that good…This artist is in the category of “must see” and gets an A from me.”
-Easy Reader

“Frankness, difficult themes and vocal beauty rarely come together as they do on Sarah Dashew’s Jealous Girl…Dashew’s voice is commercial in the best sense of the word–you want to hear this voice on the radio…Looking for some quirky, countrified story-telling sung with the voice of a true talent? Pick up Sarah Dashew’s Jealous Girl.”

“When Dashew sings, it’s clear she wants you to pay attention. She provides a full vocal range, from Texas twang to rapid-fire rap with plenty of sexy, bluesy, Janis Joplin-style moments that keep her audience at high alert.”
-Music Connection

“Overflowing, rhythmic and super fresh …full of content, passion and sweetness.” -The Edge Magazine