Soulful Roots Blues

With an impressive 20-year history, Sarah Dashew has managed multiple critically-praised albums and singles, successful tours, television spots, establishing her as one of the music industry’s most exciting singer-songwriters.

Her new project in 2019-2020 featured four new singles released consecutively, all written after leaving Los Angeles for the desert and a new life perspective, one that centers around a return to the call of the child and the wild. The song titles reveal this theme; “Before the Sun Goes Down”, “Do You Hear the Call”, “An Awful Truth”, “Sedona”. The blues and soul soar out of Dashew’s voice, but there is something else present: an innocence, an understanding and strength from experience that commands attention.

Along with these four new singles, Dashew has recently published a picture book, featuring the lyrics to her song “Do You Hear the Call”. Acknowledging that she is a terrible visual artist, she illustrated the pages as a declaration of unselfconscious creativity. “We all need fearless curiosity and creativity now,” she says. “Who cares about skill level? In a world that demands perfectionism, it feels so good to just create for the sake of it.”

That insistence garnered Sarah an invitation to the US’s most popular TedX conference at Wake Forest University. She delivered an impassioned 19 minute discussion about childhood, freedom, defining success as a Creative, and more.

Sarah grew up sailing around the world with her family (her dad is a boat designer), listening to classic rock and blues, artists like Chuck Berry and Muddy Waters.

“We didn’t have TV” Dashew says.  “We had books and music. And when we got to a new port, we would always meet the locals and invite them on board or to the beach for parties. Musical instruments would come out and everyone would play and sing: kids, grown ups, grandparents. So that was it…music was embedded.”

Thus inspired by song since her early childhood, Dashew acknowledged music as her calling after watching a soulful gospel performance in college. From there, she moved to Austin, TX where she learned to write and perform alongside local favorites.

Dashew’s first solo album, Jealous Girl, debuted in 2006 and was produced by Chuck Plotkin (of Bruce Springsteen and Bob Dylan fame). She then produced her follow-ups Where I Belong (2010), Sarah Dashew (2013), Something in the Weather (2014) and Roll Like A Wheel (2016). With her latest releases, Sarah reaches a new height.

“Life is a constant journey of climbing and falling, loving and breaking, and I find a lot of joy in celebrating that,” Sarah says. “My music is my most constant companion. It’s how I understand relationship: with myself, with the world, with it all.”

Sarah’s songs have earned spots on television shows, independent films, celebrity iTunes playlists, rave reviews of previous albums, and successful tours throughout the U.S. and Europe with the likes of Cowboy Junkies, Michelle Shocked, Suzanne Vega, Canned Heat, and more.

Sarah currently resides in Phoenix, Arizona.

Sarah’s music and book are available everywhere. For press images and more, contact