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Letters Home From Camp: A new blog series!

Join Sarah this summer over 8 weeks of parking it in Park City

Sarah’s TedX Talk:

If you have a few minutes (or 19), and want to explore what it means to live a creative life and how to define success through the lens of music, childhood, and its connection to freedom, you’ve come to the right place!

Do You Hear the Call | Sarah Dashew | TEDxWakeForestU

Sarah Dashew draws you in with how her unique childhood experiences led her to discover her own freedom and creativity in music. She shares her creative insp…

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Sarah made a picture book to go with the lyrics to “Do You Hear The Call”…It’s a tribute to un-self-conscious creativity, a call to embrace your inner child! Check it out…

Sarah Behind The Songs

Sarah Behind The Songs

The stories behind Sarah’s 4 upcoming singles, her connection to music and why she’s diving back in…

All four new singles are here! “Before The Sun Goes Down”, “Do You Hear The Call” “An Awful Truth” and “Sedona” are now live everywhere!