standing2It’s a lovely, cool (I’m in jeans! I’m in jeans!) fall morning here in Los Angeles. So I threw down a foggy demo (note–demo!) of a new song, called “Spark”. Wanted to share it with you. xox Spark Spark I feel like I just got a chance A little glimpse, a second glance I don’t know what to do with it Should I abide it or should I quit I thought the smartest thing to do Was moving on and over you From when I thought I had to smash and grab it What if all this time I already had it Blame the heat and blame the moon Blame seeing you too soon Blame the way you just showed up Blame the coffee in my cup The smell of your wicked hair Rising sweetly in the air The way the sundress that you wear Cuts away and then it flares And maybe I just don’t care Oh so it goes, and so it goes Do you suppose I am too close Take matters out of my hands Forget the need to take a stand Forget sticking to your patch of land And all the things we couldn’t understand Seems like if I don’t know The safest place for me to go Is right on home to be alone But what if I don’t want to go The hardest place to be is in the dark Waiting on the smallest little spark.

Rain DanceNope, it hasn’t rained yet. But it is early September, the light is fading and the heat wave has broken, which brings with it the promise of (subtle) autumn here in Los Angeles. It’s more than enough to share with you a song off my recent album: “Better Than This Morning”. The song starts with the lines, “Rain is here, early September / Falling lightly, I remember / How we used to sit and laugh / drink our coffee, make our plans”. So drink your coffee and make your plans. Feel your feelings and ride the seasons! xox Better Than This Morning

watermelon2When it’s this hot all I want is watermelon. No ovens, no baking, no starch. Just juice, crisp, sweet, hooray. 3 Piece Watermelon Salad
  • 1/2 watermelon, sliced how you like it
  • 2-3 tsps. chopped fresh mint
  • juice of one lime
Mix it up, eat! How easy is that? The tartness of a little lime juice balances out the sweet crisp of watermelon flavor, and the mint is just a clean surprise. Good for breakfast lunch or dinner! (I had it for breakfast this morning.) xox watermelon1 watermelon3