walking_smallbwWhen, in the course of human events, it becomes necessary to write something about opening back up after being closed up, about the search for connection, and the thrill and fear of the ride and the push pull and how cautious and reckless we are…It might sound a little something like this. This of course being a rough demo in preparation for some serious recording in a couple weeks! (In other words, be careful what you say. Ahhh–see what I did there?) xox Be Careful What You Say Be Careful What You Say (Take it Easy) Wednesday night ain’t nobody’s fault We didn’t think it was gonna be like this We all thought it was gonna be a whole lot easier Instead it turned out to be more like a near miss Somebody asked me if you tell the truth more when you’re drunk I say it doesn’t make a difference either way If you gotta get a bellyful just to say something to somebody Odds are the night’s gonna end with someone walking away Be careful what you say Be careful what you say Be careful what you say Take it easy I spent years and years waiting on the truth A truth that never got told You spend that long waiting around for something you never gonna get baby You gonna walk away feeling good and old Yeah you think I’m a grown up woman You look at the lines on my face You say right there there’s your proof Uh uh don’t get fooled by it Ain’t nothing but a little girl in this place Be careful what you say Be careful what you say Be careful what you say Take it easy And all of the things we say The reasons why we run away Are mostly just to make us feel Like somehow we are Safe And all this experience leaves us somewhere In between the old ways and the change We get to choose which way we head from here baby We get to figure out what things we want to rearrange I might come a long long way just to meet you I might leave with a smile on my face I might be devastated, blown away just to see you It might be the hardest thing to walk away Be careful what you say Be careful what you say Be careful what you say Take it easy

standing2It’s a lovely, cool (I’m in jeans! I’m in jeans!) fall morning here in Los Angeles. So I threw down a foggy demo (note–demo!) of a new song, called “Spark”. Wanted to share it with you. xox Spark Spark I feel like I just got a chance A little glimpse, a second glance I don’t know what to do with it Should I abide it or should I quit I thought the smartest thing to do Was moving on and over you From when I thought I had to smash and grab it What if all this time I already had it Blame the heat and blame the moon Blame seeing you too soon Blame the way you just showed up Blame the coffee in my cup The smell of your wicked hair Rising sweetly in the air The way the sundress that you wear Cuts away and then it flares And maybe I just don’t care Oh so it goes, and so it goes Do you suppose I am too close Take matters out of my hands Forget the need to take a stand Forget sticking to your patch of land And all the things we couldn’t understand Seems like if I don’t know The safest place for me to go Is right on home to be alone But what if I don’t want to go The hardest place to be is in the dark Waiting on the smallest little spark.