Diving Back In

I don’t know why anyone thinks life should be linear. Nothing else in existence follows that rule. Is it arrogance? Or a desire to make clear sense of something? Seems to me that all things under and over the sun run cyclically: tides, bodies, stars, seasons, emotions. You get the drift.

So too with music. When I was young I thought my musical career would go like this: a few years of “paying dues”, touring, success, fame, wisdom, more success, touring, authority, and finally retiring when I didn’t have anything left to prove. It seems like the weirdest thing to me now. First of all nothing works like that, even when it looks like it does. Second of all, I thank God each and every day that my “line” didn’t go that way. I don’t think I would have had a very happy life. The way it HAS gone is a much longer post, but for now it’s imbued into 4 new songs I’m releasing into the wild. And the video below shows me explaining a bit of it too. Please watch and I’d love to hear about how things have gone with you too.

xox Sarah

Sarah Behind The Songs

The stories behind Sarah’s 4 upcoming singles, her connection to music and why she’s diving back in…

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