Back in the Desert

I’m back in Tucson for a quick bout of rest and practice and–hopefully–inspiration before…My old bandmates Johnny and Tommy come back from Europe and we go in to make a new album~!! I’m very excited…Had a good meeting yesterday with a potential producer/engineer. We swapped great ideas relative to what I want and, maybe even more importantly, what I DON’T want for this album. This morning on the plane I spent some time listening to different songs with different production elements that I like…I love T. Bone Burnett’s drum treatment on “Raising Sand”, but it’s probably TOO open and echoey for me…Etc. etc. In other news, I had a lovely fun time playing an in-the-round style show on Monday at Room 5 with 3 other lovely talented folks. Plus percussion! Djembe, snare, triangle, you name it…Very fun to get a little taste of some of my new material with beats…Good times had!! More bulletins soon.

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